Zenosense | ZENO: MRSA Detection & Protection/Lung Cancer Detection

Zenosense Inc. is the holder of an exclusive global license agreement to develop and market effective medical devices for use in hospitals and primary healthcare settings targeting the early detection of both deadly bacteria and certain cancers in the exhaled breath of patients. Two devices are currently under development; a device intended to detect the Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus “Super-Bug” (MRSA); and a device intended to detect Lung Cancer. Using a common Electronic Nose technology platform, the devices analyze Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are present in the exhaled breath of patients, scanning for certain biomarkers which can indicate the presence of infection/illness.

Electronically “Sniffing out” disease is based on natural processes: By example, highly trained dogs have been able to recognize prostate cancer-specific VOCs and detect prostate cancer in urine samples with 98% accuracy. While humans have roughly five million olfactory cells in their noses, dogs have about 200 million. This natural, learned detection by multiple sensors is analogous to the Zenosense technology platform which, by clever electronic processing, effectively utilizes an infinite number of sensors and software that “learns” to recognize the relevant VOCs.

Development work is being carried out by a team of experts in nanotechnology, sensors, high-level mathematics, molecular biology and biochemistry. Collaborations and partnerships are also in place with hospitals, universities and a private laboratory in the fields of sensors, polymer electrochemistry, microbiology, infectious disease, pneumology, chromatography and microorganism identification.